Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Watch Robson Square During the Olympics: Look for Me Wearing a BIG Hat...

by Lisa Ovens

Hi everyone. How are you all doing anyway? I just want to acknowledge the people who have been following this blog. I hope you are all doing great. Thanks so much for visitng here everyday :o)

Robson Square Oct.5,2009

For those people who are far away, you might want to have a LIVE look-see at a very busy place during the Olympics. It's Robson Square, and the live cameras were switched on today.

Here is the link: Robson Square Live

I will look for the BIGGEST hat out there and maybe you'll see me strutting around the ice rink!

Robson Square Nov. 27, 2009

Now visit the link and see what it looks like today.... Robson Square Live

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