Sunday, February 21, 2010

Holland Heineken House and Me...

by Lisa Ovens

I am still feeling the effects from my time spent at Holland Heineken House on Friday. It was the "Hockey & High Heels House" party, and let's just say I really showed up. As a long time lover of Heineken Beer, it was my night to shine in the happening house at the O Zone.

It's funny but today I read some reviews of HHH, and I was surprised at some of the negativity I saw. From the gate keepers, to the Lodge Restaurant staff, to the bands on stage, I was happy with their service. And those tiny glasses of beer? Well for my small hands they were perfect (don't ask me how many I drank though).

I should say we had dinner reservations, so we were able to by pass waiting in line, and I am sure the perpetual line up in front of HHH might contribute to a negative experience. But here's something people should know...2010 Vancouver's Holland Heineken House is one of the most popular ones ever (and HHH has been an Olympic staple since 1992) Check out this quote...

"We try to make operations as smooth as possible, but we've been embraced by Canada and overwhelmed at times. This is one of the most popular Heineken Houses ever." - Heineken spokesman Freek de Wetta
click here for the full article, Molson Hockey House vs. Holland Heineken House

We dined and drank. We drank and danced. We danced and laughed and made some new friends. The band, De Coronas really contributed to the party atmosphere, and those adorable $15 dollar orange hats have something to do with the fun loving, upbeat mood as well.

So happy I made that reservation last month!

Train ride home was a riot - our car sang three songs  Oh Canada, This land is Your Land, and an instrumental rendition of the theme from Hockey Night in Canada.

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