Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things to Put On Mountain Tops: Goalies and Oakley’s

                   Grouse Mountain, wood sculpture by Glenn Greenside    photo (2004) Lisa Ovens

By Lisa Ovens

If you travel around the world, you’ll find plenty of things on mountain tops: religious figures, ancient temples, and in the case of Devil’s Tower, a landing strip for alien spaceships! (I kid... it's just a Close Encounters reference). However, Grouse Mountain in Vancouver might be the only mountain in the world wearing a giant hockey goaltender carved out of wood in its crown. Local First Nations artist Glen Greenside carved the sculpture along with several larger than life figures. It's been called "big tree art" and they are spectacular. Glenn Greenside webpage

But will Oakley’s have a giant pair of shades up there? And will Russia's Alexander Ovechkin make a surprise appearance? Alexander the Great and about 100 other NHL players sport Oakley Visors on their helmets.  And to see just how many other Winter Olympic athletes wear Oakley, check out this page listing many at Vancouver 2010. No wonder Oakley has a mountain...they are kings of the hill!

Oakley has taken over Grouse Mountain, and what sky-riding visitors can expect is a crash course in eyewear technology. And a fashion show, too. It’s the Oakley Experience coming to a Winter Olympics near you....

Fashion Show in the Snow: Today!

Winter 2010 Oakley Technical Outerwear Collection
The latest styles and innovations in the Oakley Pro Rider Series developed for the world’s best alpine athletes.
Celebration of style on a snow-carved runway
25 complete ensembles modeled by Oakley athletes.

Open to the public, free with the cost of admission* to Grouse Mountain
Thursday, February 11 6:00pm
* one adult sky ride ticket $45 - includes a variety of activites

Rolling O-Lab

Oakley’s exclusive Rolling O-Lab is a mobile demonstration unit that educates visitors about the science behind quality eye protection. Technology presentations include the use of optical laser scope equipment that demonstrates clarity and prism shift, ultraviolet emitters and measuring devices to illustrate UV protection, and testing rigs that show the effects of high-velocity and high-mass impact situations. The Rolling O-Lab hours: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Free admission

Oakley Pop-Up Store

Oakley's Oakley's and nothing but Oakley's!
 Includes the Oakley Custom Bar, where visitors can customize select Oakley eyewear and goggle products. Address: 488 Robson Street, Vancouver

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