Thursday, November 5, 2009

2010 Olympic Thrill Ride: Downtown Zipline

by Lisa Ovens

photo: Lisa Ovens

Hey extreme 2010 Olympic visitors...get your zip on! CTV News is reporting Zip Trek EcoTours will be constructing a dual zipline over Robson Square (pictured above) located in downtown Vancouver.

Robson Square, home of the 2010 Commerce Centre/ Business Centre, British Columbia Showcase space, the International Media Centre (unaccredited media) and the soon to be re-opened outdoor ice skating rink will be a blur below you as you whiz along the zip line. The last thing you'll be thinking about is Olympic commerce and just how exactly one gets accredited at an unacreddited media centre.

And get this: your zipline ride will be free! At least that is what they are saying now...

Robson Square was designed by world famous Canadian architect, Arthur Erickson. Building enthusiasts should explore the square that covers several city blocks. You might capture a cool photo or two, plus it's a nice place to hang out at on a sunny day...

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