Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Vancouver 2010 Would Look Like with Snow....

by Lisa Ovens

Well, the recent weather issues in Vancouver during the Winter Games should alter the whole "Canadians live in Igloos" stereotype rather nicely, dontcha think?

Do you know how many people from other provinces live in Vancouver? Take one guess as to why many of them move here. If you said the weather, you'd be correct.

But every now and then we get slammed with nasty weather and the city actually resembles the rest of Canada in the dead of winter. Last December and January (2008-09) it was one snowfall after another and Vancouver was buried. One year and one month ago I wrote a column about it because, well, it was epic snow for us. (Click here to read Lisa's Snow Rant)

Now please enjoy a few of photos of Vancouver all dressed up in a Winter Wonderland...

all photos by Lisa Ovens

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