Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2010 and High Heels Tuesday Photo: Olympic Window Shppping

by Lisa Ovens

Glass Inuksuit (pl.) through the glass. photo: Lisa Ovens

If you are in Vancouver, and you see lots of these in window displays, one after another, chances are good you are in Gastown.

Historically, the Inukshuk was like a tool of communication: sometimes it meant "Someone was here". Suppose you were walking in the northern wilderness hundreds and hundreds of years ago, and you came across stones stacked in the form of a human. You'd instantly know some dude was there before you, and it could also mean you are heading in the right direction. You'd think" cool...I'm almost there!" Or perhaps you came across another one, but slightly different. From the sight of that one you might say "Awesome, there is fish near here and I am hungry."

The 2010 Winter Olympics Inukshuk means welcome and friendship for visitors from all over the world.

I think the ones in the Tuesday Photo mean "We are ready to stand on your credenza and remind you of all that was special on your Olympic journey."

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