Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lisa's Olympic Countdown Day Six: The Quiet Corner

by Lisa Ovens

Everywhere I went today it was busy. The train was full, many downtown streets were crowded. I really could tell Vancouver's temporary population has exploded. Except here: the corner of Pender and Granville. This was a quiet corner, and I had a nice peaceful moment wondering about what treasures we'll see at the Royal Canadian Mint's Pavilion.

The Athlete medals will be on display, and Mint visitors will see how they are made. Visitors will also be able to make their own souvenir coin at the "Strike Your Own Token" zone. Then there is the Gold Room: the place to see the Million Dollar Coin, and then hold a 400 oz gold bar in your hand. And somehow you'll magically wind up in the Mint gift shop and spend money...on money.

The RC Mint Pavilion is THE place for money enthusiasts! Opens February 12th, 2010

After that I hopped on the train. I overheard what I can only describe as a pissing contest between two blue clad 2010 Olympic volunteers...

"What did you get?"
"I'm on the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. You? "
"Curling Centre. What kind of car are you driving?"
"Oh, I've driven three different ones this week - it's been great. How about you?"
" A Yukon."

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