Saturday, February 27, 2010

USA vs. Finland...Slovakia vs Canada...Lisa vs. the Olympics

by Lisa Ovens

USA vs. Finland might be better described as Mikka Kiprosoff vs. himself. I walked into Saxony House in Stanley Park to see the game at 6-0 for the USA. Patrons more interested in the beer and tasty food than the game on TV.

Walked back to downtown, heading for the Caldron. A good steady rain fell as joggers ran by me. (Must start jogging, but after the Olympics I thought. It seems like everything is about "after the Olympics" now).

Reached the caldron, and yes, it was still packed with people snapping pics in the rain. Ducked into the Shaw Tower and checked the game on lobby TV.  A relaxed looking Ryan Miller was on the bench at this point as Tim Thomas took over the reigns in goal. Oops, the Finns scored, 6-1. That was it for the Finns.

Walked up to the Canadian Mint Pavillion, and "no medals for you!" because the line is way too long for me today. I did hear it might remain open for awhile after the Olympics. This is the first time in Olympic history the medals are available for spectators to touch and it's a big, big draw.

Walked the crowds of Granville Street to check mood of the city: it felt relaxed, as relaxed as my hair feels from the humid air and steady rain. This is a good feeling because of Team Canada vs. Team Slovakia. I have highly tuned senses when it comes to big games in this city, and today it felt perfect.

"Let's try Russia House" I thought knowing it would be a mad house and another long line. It was, but it sure looks exciting from the outside. "Maybe I should just wait four years and go to the actual Russia".

I visit the Right to Play Pavilion and was charmed by all of the play going on inside in the white walls.
 Fair play.
"When children play the world wins"
this is all so true

Saskatchewan, Maison Du Quebec and Ontario House, line up, line up and line up. But everyone is smiling so it's all okay. What wasn't okay: my feet. I was having an equipment malfunction: wrong socks with right boots. My feet were hurting, but I was easily distracted by this curious hat...

and this Inukshuk city that changes daily...

and three guys that needed their photo taken by a 2010 Vancouver banner (I took a great pic for them :o)
Time to head home and change footware; passed hundreds of happy Olympic enthusiasts along the way.

Team Canada will win.

And they did. But the end of the third? I did not realize my heart was pounding in my chest until the human snake and shake that sent Team Slovakia to Slovakia House, and Team Canada onto a date with Team USA for the Gold Medal game.

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