Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2010 and High Heels Tuesday Photo: Sunny Day, Torch Relay New Westminster

by Lisa Ovens

                               photo: Lisa Ovens
What a great day for a Torch Relay! I had my first live moment with the burning flame and here is my photo. It was a beautiful late morning/ afternoon at the New Westminster Quay.  Saw so many faces, all ages, and plenty of pups on leashes. School children singing O'Canada, with some singing into their paper torch souvenirs then prentending it was a bugle. I thought about all the towns the flame visited since Oct.30th 2009 and how we are all celebrating this together.

The sun was warm and perfect for a paddle boat ride down the Fraser River. We waved as the torch crew, with the torch bearer and flame on the bow, headed off to Queensburough Landing.


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