Monday, February 1, 2010

If Lisa Ovens was "hiring" the Club Bud Party Crashers...

by Lisa Ovens

Before I get to my picks for the best party crashers I should announce...Party Crashers of BC...the search is still on! There is still time to apply to win an opportunity to crash some pretty cool parties hosted by Budweiser during the 2010 Winter Games. Club Bud's headquarters will be the Commodore Ballroom and two lucky party crashers will go behind the scenes and report live from at least two events. Visit Club Bud's facebook page to apply, and do it by February 3rd. (If'd you like to read my take on the Commodore Ballroom please visit my first article on Club Bud at the 2010 Winter Games )

I checked out the entries to date and I must say I am impressed. Here's my short list if I were hiring...

Party Crasher Goddess: Meghan MacLean, nickname: Golden Girl
Why I picked her? When asked to describe her typical Friday night she said " Eat chocolate covered espresso beans and run around Vancouver in a unitard." I can soooo relate to that...

Party Crasher Goddess: Jennifer Nelson, nickname: jenijealousy
Why I picked her? When asked what would you ask an elite athlete or celebrity if you met them at Club Bud? she said " Who are you listening to at this moment, fave classical composer and last book read? Jen would get some great anwers when asking those questions. Plus she actually kissed someone's ass (a radio contest) to get into an INXS event...hardcore!

Party Crasher God: Chris Walts, nickname: Cdub
Why I picked him? When asked to describe his typical Friday night he includes going to a downtown club "where I destroy the dance floor." A good crasher knows how to move it and shake it.


Party Crasher God: Chris Breikss, nickname ChrisBCunch.
Why I picked him? When asked what the craziest thing he'd ever done to get into an exclusive event he said "Joined the Liberal Party." After reading several MacGyver like feats pulled off by other applicants, I have to say Chris's answer was so unexpected and it made me laugh out loud!

Be sure to check out the other Club Bud Party Crasher applicants on Club Bud's facebook page.

Club Bud's Exclusive Party Agenda at the Commodore Ballroom...

Friday Feb. 19 Burton Party
Saturday Feb 20 NHL Party
Thursday feb. 25 Club Bud Party
Friday Feb. 26th Under Armour Party
Saturday Feb. 27th Lululemon Party

If you would like to know about the "who's who" heading to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics, check out this article for all of your celeb watching needs

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