Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 and High Heels Wednesday Photos: The Olympic Caldron

by Lisa Ovens

This was not the first time I saw the caldron. The first visit's photos are trapped on my sick laptop. However, this is a special take on Vancouver 2010 Olympic caldron because of where I was: On the 11th floor of the Shaw Tower in the Canfund Athlete's House. I was honoured to be invited to visit Canfund's house, and I am preparing a full column about it's importance.

 In brief, Jane Roos, founder of Canfund has helped fill a gap in financial support for Canadian Athletes since 1997. The Athete's house is a warm, comfortable place for Canadian Athlete's and their families to relax and enjoy the games together. Please visit Canadian Athletes Now website and see the great things they do, and check back for my full report on this wonderful house this weekend.

The crowds surrounding the Caldron appear lighter, but it is still a very big draw for city Olympic related destinations. To the right of the Caldron lies the International Broadcast Centre, and if you look at the top photo you'll see the location of the floating Olympic Rings. The rings are gold in color whenever Canada wins a gold medal.

A Funny Photo...

I can't help but chuckle at the Team Canada's goal tender, Roberto Luongo's floating face just behind TSN's James Duthie. Not sure who made those signs (so far I've seen two), but there are cute...let's hope we see them on Sunday!

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