Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Olympic Party : Holland Heineken House

by Lisa Ovens

Less than thirty days to go, people. I have only one question...Are you ready to party at the Olympic level??? Well I am here to help. This is the first Installment of 2010 Olympic Party Places, and I am starting with one of the best, my "Go To Beer" for Global party madness....Holland Heineken House! How Ironic that my house, Hockey & High Heels House has three "H"'s...I swear this is a match made in Heaven (another H)!!!

Located at the Richmond Ozone, the legendary Holland Heineken House has taken over the Minoru Arenas to host one of the hottest Olympic party houses, and they know what they are doing, too. HHH has been doing it since 1992. If you want to dine at "The Lodge" restaurant in the House, you need to visit this website to make a reservation...I've got mine so if you want to party with "Hockey & High Heels House" let me know!

Holland Heineken House website

HHH on Richmond O Zone website

HHH actual address in Richmond
Minoru Arenas (MA)
7551 Minoru Gate
Richmond, B.C. V6Y 1R8

Check Out the HHH's all there...

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