Friday, January 22, 2010

Hockey Night In Finland

by Lisa Ovens

Been receiving a few updates from my pal Michelle. She's in Finland on a hockey trip of a life time. A few things I have learned....

-Friday Night is Hockey Night in Finland
-Ball Hockey is televised there.
-On Finnish Hockey schedules, the home team is listed first, then the visiting team. That is the opposite of   Canada.
-It's cold there, but a good kind of cold.

2010 and High Heels Swag Off  Update

It's been a little while since the last 2010 and High Heels Swag Off so I am busy setting up a few more matches to post over the weekend. We last left off with the Finland Reindeer Hats vs. The Cheburashka Russian Doll.

Finland's reindeer Hats won by a landslide: The Cheburashka  Russian doll scored only 28% of the vote!

For information about the 2010 and High Heels Swag Off click on the Round One link below...

To View details on Round One please click here

To view details on Round Two please click here

Round Three will be...Belarus vs. Sweden...stay tuned!

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