Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 in Vancouver: Waiting for that Flaming Torch!

by Lisa Ovens

Hi everyone...I have a bit of a head cold right now...but I'm still here in Vancouver...yep....just waiting for the flame to arrive! After watching the VANOC Webteam video below I began to imagine the excitement that will be resonating around Vancouver when the torch bearers and their entourage jog into the Greater Vancouver Reginal District. I'm lying. I only got as far as imagining my own excitement: I got so excited with the thought of that day I swear my stuffed up sinuses drained on impact!! The 2010 Winter Olympics can help cure the common cold...who knew?

So, if you are feeling under the weather or have the Monday Morning Blues, just sit back, relax and click play.....

Happy Monday...

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