Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 Vancouver Shopping Notes

Messenger bag at the Olympic Superstore

by Lisa Ovens

I had some free time to spend in downtown Vancouver today, and this is what caught my attention ...and oh, my camera died mid photo in the Ralph Lauren section at The Bay :o(   The photos shown are from a previous visit...

1) Bumped into two men with arm loads of red mittens at the Olympic Superstore. When asked "whatever are you going to do with all of those red mittens, " the older man replied "Give them away. Everybody wants me to bring something back and these are cheap!" So that's why the mittens sell out so fast...they are the ultimate cheap souvenir for tourists to buy!

2) Just outside the little white Olympic Superstore fence, mixed in with the Team USA Ralph Lauren Collection you'll find a new Embroidery Counter. For about $30 you can have most any country's flag or colours sewn onto a ball cap or a toque. In fact if you are in the mood to customize, they will sew the patches onto any Olympic merchandise purchased in the Superstore...customizing costs extra of course.

3) The Team Canada hockey section is pretty small and it's tucked away in a corner of the Superstore area.

4) I'm a hat person, and the selection of Olympic hats is pretty dismal.

5) Inside Pacific Centre, Le Chateau has a little bit of Canada inspired products in stock like ear muffs, hats and pin sets.

6) After walking Pacific Centre, the Olympic Superstore inside The Bay and several blocks along Granville Steet I have to say I think I overdosed on Canada stuff today. Seriously!

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