Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 and High Heels Tuesday Photos: Road to Whistler

Photo: Lisa Ovens    Delayed on the Sea to Sky Sept.2007...

by Lisa Ovens

For years the Sea to Sky Highway was your typical white knuckle driving experience for any born and raised British Columbian. I remember driving it for the first time with only my learners permit. It was pouring rain with the most impatient drivers behind me...that was one stressful drive I will never forget (the other one was when my mountain bike flew off the bike rack in a passing lane north of Squamish during Holiday Monday traffic...yikes...no one was hurt, and I still ride the bike to this day). 

                               ....waiting for a landslide clean up

A winding road on the side of mountains with the Pacific Ocean below; my one rule was never drive up to Whistler for just one day. I would need one whole day to relax after the drive.

 And one  $600,000,000 upgrade later...2010 Winter Olympic visiitors will never know the intensity of the drive that use to be the Sea to Sky Highway.

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