Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 Olympics Opening Ceremonies...Wanna Go?

by Lisa Ovens

                               View of two stadiums and False Creek from Cambie Bridge

Hey, this is like another Tuesday photo. Happy Tuesday everybody! I like to call this photo "Dome and Dome's Little Brother" because Canada Hockey Place looks so tiny and child- like compared to BC Place Stadium, home of the Opening Ceremonies.

Just over two weeks away and I have heard from a few friends that have extra Olympic tickets available. Naturally I asked them if the tickets could be donated to 2010 and High Heels as a contest prize but I was turned down. I know I would love to have the opportunity to give away these to some luck loyal readers...

Opening Ceremonies: Section  253  Row J Four AISLE seats!!! 

And speaking of aisle seats, another friend contacted me about these...

Men's Hockey Game:  Feb. 23rd QP1 Section 111...row 2, two aisle seats!!!!

I should remind everyone with extra tickets for sale, that Vancouver can be a last minute kind of city;  meaning we often don't decide we are doing something until the last minute (this is often dictated by the rain, the glorious rain).

Canada Hockey Place photo: lisa ovens

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