Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 and High Heels listed Among Top Olympic Content Sites

By Lisa Ovens

Well, this was a nice surprise! Look at me...I'm cheering!!!

Vancouver View Magazine's Special Collector 2010 Olympics Issue covers many 2010 topics (for readers, local and from a far), including their top picks for online writers covering the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games.

                                    Vancouver View's Special Collector's Edition on stands until Mar.15, 2010

Yours truly, Lisa Ovens of 2010 and High Heels and made the list, and I have some pretty accomplished and cool company like Jeff Lee at the Vancouver SunRandy Starkman,, and the New York Times Winter Olympics blog.

Many thanks to the Vancouver View Magazine!!

This special issue hit the stands last week, and will be out there until March 15th, so pick up your collector copy before they run out!!

Vancouver View Website

Publishers : Matthew Toren, Adam Toren


Jan G said...

Hi Lisa
Way to go...You so deserve this recognition.
Jan G

Hockey Mom VA said...

That is SO awesome! I will be keeping up through your fresh and fabulous blog fore sure - after the Olympics we still have to get you to D.C.!

Anonymous said...


Well Duh!! We are very happy for you, and the recognition is well deserved. You always work diligently to bring us all the latest in our world of hockey, along with your tireless pursuit of information about the goings on in Vancouver: places to eat, to stay and places not to miss while visiting your lovely city.

The 2010 Vancouver Olympics should be wonderful and exciting..You've got tickets to the hockey events..

And I hate you!!! Just kidding!!

Debbie said...

Congrats! We will look forward to reading your perspective on events. Fill us in on the nitty-gritty stuff that won't be on the networks!

Lisa Ovens said...

Hello! Thank you for the kind words...they mean so much. I am smiling :o)