Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finding new Friendships at the 2010 Winter Olympics

by Lisa Ovens

I have received some feedback after posting my 2010 Winter Olympics Bucket List, particularily about item # 6...having an Olympic Fling. Funny, huh? The second I mention anything remotely related to cuddling at the Olympic level, people get off their butts and respond! Forget all the other cool stuff I report on! Anyway, I posted the one comment in the comment area below that was viewable for all ages. And thanks everyone for the comments and emails. They are appreciated.

 Now let's look at one major opportunity the 2010 Winter Olympics can offer to the hosting citizens of Vancouver: meeting new people! You may have heard this before, but for some, the Winter Olympics is all about the joy of meeting new people. Whether you are an athlete, an employee or a fan of the Olympics, you will be meeting lots of new people. And singles in Vancouver should view this as a golden opportunity to put themselves out there in social situations surrounding the Olympics, have some fun, and enjoy the delightfully simple act of chatting with someone new.

The Olympics, and all of its stories and experiences are like the best and easiest of ice breakers for conversations. Anyone who might have had a New Year's Resolution revolving around meeting new  friends or finding a new romance, Lisa's here to tell you... this is it! Forget going online looking for new friendship and love. Take your search outside and meet people face to face for a change of pace.

It doesn't have to cost you a lot of money either. The following link lists all the "free places" to be all over the lower mainland during the Winter Olympic Games. If you have a friend or family member that needs to get out more, be sure to convince them to join you on some Olympic outings. Getting out, being around groups of people in colourful places is great for the soul.

Link: Vancouver 2010 Free Event Guide

Start making some plans now, peeps!!

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