Saturday, January 16, 2010

US Speed Skating Team Answer Fans' Questions

By Lisa Ovens

2010 and High Heels receives almost as many visitors from the United States as it does from Canada, and yesterday I received a comment from Libby Issendorf (Libby assists the US Speedskating Team's social media campaigns) suggesting a recent video interview with several members of the US Speedskating team.

As a Winter Olympic fan without borders, I am featuring this video for our American readers, and for Speedskating fans everywhere.

The US speedsters were asked a variety of questions by speedskating fans on facebook. At about the 6:20 minute mark in the video, a few of the skaters talk about visiting Vancouver and skating at the Richmond Olymipc Oval. And wouldn't you know the topic of sea level came up! (My recent post on all things Richmond and Olympics mentions sea level.)

The US Skaters are very excited about the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and having the opportunity to compete so close to their home country.

Official Website: USA Speedskating Team


Libby Issendorf said...

Thank you for posting! I'll let you know if we have the opportunity to ask fan questions again, in case you have anything you'd like to ask them!

US Speedskating on Facebook

Thanks again, Lisa.

L.A. Ovens said...

Cool Libby, I think of a good question...thanks again for sharing the video :o)