Thursday, January 28, 2010

Petro Kin: Set to Report from Vancouver 2010 and Other Olympic TidBits

by Lisa Ovens

Granville street, downtown Vancouver (it's where all the bars are)

It's a Random Happenings kind of column here today...

This is a great article introducing the three sets of families chosen to travel to Vancouver for  interviews with Canadian athletes and their families during the first week of the Winter Olympics. Let's hope they get some scoops before the regular media does!
Petro Canada Family Correspondents webpage

Petro Canada's Athlete's Program is responsible for putting family members of our athletes in the stands when their loved ones are competing at the games. It was only fitting that their correspondent contest was a search for family members.

Updates from

Get a 2010 Winter Olympics Digital Souvenir!

For the first time in Olympic history, people from around the world can receive an official digital souvenir from the Opening Ceremony — and then participate in the Closing Ceremony...virtually! All you need is an e-mail address. Only available through Canada CODE: sharing our stories and images with the world.

Sign up before February 12th at Canada Code webpage

Tickets Still Available...

Buy tickets for some events, bid on tickets for other events. See what 2010 Winter Olympic Games tickets are still knocking about on's ticket webpage

And what to do when you buy them...

As I posted yesterday about some of the guidelines when attending events, are putting the word out as well. Visit the Spectator's Guide webpage for all the do's and don'ts. And be sure to read the article I posted on the subject too...mine has more humor, especially the last part!

Updates from 2010 and High Heels

Update: Belarus vs. Sweden Swag off
So far Round Three had been the closest race at the 2010 and High Heels Swag Off. Team Belarus's Ruslan Salei Fridge magnet is only 2 votes ahead of Team Sweden's Dala Horse. Voting ends tonight at midnight. Click here for the complete article on Belarus vs. Sweden Swag Off.
 Cast your vote now at the top right of this page!
Lisa's 2010 Winter Olympics Calendar
Still working on the timetable. One thing is for sure; with all there is to do during the games a person's day planner can really fill up!

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