Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 and High Heels Tuesday Photo: The 2010 Money Photo!

by Lisa Ovens

People have asked me about the title photo of my 2010 and High Heels Winter Olympics Blog, so I figured this Tuesday photo will be that one. Over a year ago, I was helping my good pal Rachel move. I spent the day cleaning up her apartment as she couldn't get the day off work. There were odds and ends left that still had to be packed up, and one of the "odds" was a big zip lock bag packed full of nickels. After we boxed up the last load and took them to her new place, Rachel gave me the bag. I was thrilled with this gesture. I told her the nickels would make an excellent prop for a photo.

One day, I decided to shoot the nickels. I loved looking at them; a big, shiny, mixure of the beaver image and the word "Canada". I dumped them out onto a dinner plate, knowing I had to add something to it. I had exactly $30 in bills in my wallet, and when I looked at the colourful money, the numbers "20" and "10" jumped out at me. Canadian currency is fun, and we have one of the 2010 Winter Olympic Sponsors, The Royal Canadian Mint to thank for that. They are responsible for the Athlete's gold, silver and bronze medals, and for placing the lovable beaver on our five cent piece.

And there you have it...the 2010 and High Heels Money Photo exposed!

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