Sunday, October 18, 2009

Heavy Medal: The 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Medal Design

by Lisa Ovens

"The biggest challenge was feeling that it was worthy of the Athletes."
- Corrine Hunt, artist, 2010 Winter Olympic Medals

This video says it all. It's just over 7 minutes long, but I encourage everyone to watch it. Meet Corrine Hunt and Omer Arbel (the artist and designer), see footage of the process in making the treasures, see beautiful scenery of British Columbia, and meet past medal winners and hear their thoughts on what it was like to win an Olympic medal. It will get you excited about the games. Enjoy...

vanoc webteam

Note to hockey fans: The video even includes two Vancouver Canuck players, wondertwins, Henrik and Daniel Sedin (teammates on the 2006 Gold Medal men's hockey team from Sweden)

These are the heaviest Olympic medals to date: weighing 500- 576 grams (17 to 20 ounces). That's over a pound...chunky! If anything, these medals are majestic. The artist and designer have captured the majesty of the land surrounding Whistler and Vancouver perfectly.

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