Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's official: Lisa Ovens enters PetroCan's 2010 Family Correspondent's Contest!!

By Lisa Ovens

Okay, I am going to come right out and say it. Just get it over with...Please vote for my Video, Behind the Rings on Petro Canada's Family Correspondent Contest Facebook page. I, along with's very own contributing writer and photo artist, my Uncle Skeppy, have thrown our hats into the Five Rings, and would love more than anything to be chosen as one of two family teams, working to help tell the stories of our Canadian Athletes' heros...their families. This is a brilliant contest and many thanks to Petro Canada for creating a contest that would appeal to and bring out the best of so many Canadians.

If I may continue to campaign... Uncle Steve (Skeppy) and I are from a massive family, spread out all over Canada, and at re-unions, we often go into "interview mode" to catch up with everyone. (I have over 60 first cousins...yes, you read that right, 60 first cousins!) We love our big family, and know how important it is to have a family support network like our courageous 2010 Winter Olympic athletes have.

between the two of us, Uncle Skeppy and I would have the most unique pairing of voices in this contest: He's retired from media, but for many years was an anchor on news radio and then hosted a television news show while pulling the reins as news director for a television station. His voice is as smooth as any personality out there. I, on the other hand have been likened to Megan who played Karen on Will and Grace. But a much more warmer and friendlier sounding Karen. I do have my "interview, news gal voice as well.

I could go on and on here, but will close and say this: If chosen a  Petro Canada family correspondent, I will be so honored and will do my very best to share the stories with a warm, upbeat and fun presentation to Canadians everywhere.

Wish me Luck....and please go learn more about this super cool Petro Canada 2010 Olympic contest, view the other entries and vote now....

Behind the Rings by Lisa Ovens on Petro Canada Family Correspondent Page on Facebook

Thank you all for your support!

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