Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Free HDTV coverage of the Olympics If you live in a large city with Network Stations.

by Uncle Skeppy

Getting geared up for the 2010 Winter Olympics is on the agenda for most of us and part of the planning... " how am l going to see great TV coverage?"

At the top of this list is the size of our TV screen and with prices on LCD and Plasma units falling.. there are tempting buys out there with 42 inch screens going for 800 dollars or less. So we took the leap and purchased a new 42 inch HDTV and so far only one disappointment. The cost of the largest cable company's HD equipment and programming costs.

Hockey Night in Canada's Ron MacLean in HD

The HD Box runs anywhere from $250 to $500 dollars depending on wether you want the Personal Video Capture part of the deal. Then just when you think you might consider the purchase, you learn that the HD Programming will cost extra.

Refusing to get hooked on these outrages charges we let our fingers do the walking and guess what, you can get the Three Major Network stations HD programming for free !!!!!


CBC,CTV and Global are now transmitting Off-Air HD quality programming, free, The channel numbers for HD off-air are CBC 58.1 CTV 33.1 and Global 22.2 CTV is the Olmpic Coverage Network. We don't know if or when other local stations will make the move to HD Off-air.

All you need is the old fashioned rabbit ears antenna sitting in the garage storage bin. We've hooked up the gizmo and the results floored us !!! the picture quality is super.. in fact better than cable because cable companies compress the HD signals to get more channels into their coaxial cables.
Try it you'll love it. This only works on HDTV sets and only recieves TV off-air broadcasts. Even if you have subscribned to HD cable.. the Rabbit ears are a good cheap back-up in any emergency.

Our thanks to the folks at the Digital Forum website where we found the details.

Happy Holidays and..Happy Viewing !

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