Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2010 & High Heels Tuesday Photo: The $800,000 Rain Drop

by Lisa Ovens

Hans Hemmert, Thomas A. Schmidt, Georg Zey, and Axel Lieber felt the people of Vancouver needed something to remind us of the rain...

Yesterday it snowed. Today it is rainy. Time for something sunny! This sculpture landed on a walking/ cycling path that runs along Vancouver's waterfront. The place is known as Bon Voyage Plaza and "The Drop" occupies a spot in front of the Vancouver Convention Centre, soon to be home to the International Broadcast Media for the 2010 Winter Olympics. To the right (off camera) is Vancouver's cruise ship terminal.

Designed by four Swedish and German artists (listed above), The Drop weighs 2700 kilograms (almost three tons) and stands 17 metres (55 feet) high.

 I must say it's the most cheerful looking raindrop I have ever seen :o)

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