Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Molson Canadian Hockey House: Canada's Biggest Hockey Party Ever

by Lisa Ovens

photo by Lisa Ovens

Here's more Olympic hockey news...Molson Canadian announced details regarding the 81,000 square foot Hockey House being built just a slap shot away from Canada Hockey Place. This hockey party place features...

- 57,000 square foot sports bar/ restaurant with a 2000 person capacity
- Three 40 foot High Definition TV screens
- Tyler Stewart, drummer, the Bare Naked Ladies appointed as entertainment director, with performances from comedians, Brent Butt and Sean Cullens
-Trevor Linden and Stan Smyl are house ambassadors
- Former NHL stars will drop by at game time. (Paul Coffey, Cam Neely, Luc Robitaille, Peter Mahovlich, Danny Gare and Russ Courtnall)
- Karaoke, comedy and beer...lots of beer
- A Wolfgang Puck Catering menu - is anyone chuckling at this yet? Hockey is played with a puck...Hockey House chef's last name is Puck...anyone...Bueller? Oh, I guess everyone is still in shock over the $500 ticket price.

Yes, a one day pass at M.C. Hockey House will set you back $500.00. However, for that $500 dollar ticket you can arrive at 11:00 am, eat, drink, cheer, dance, drink and sing your face off and then shut'er down at 2:00 am when the joint closes. Think of it like a serious party day at an all inclusive resort in Mexico but instead of the beach, swim up bar, sunshine, and nearly naked bodies, you get better quality food, lots of over sized jerseys, a bald guy named Tyler, and two chubby faced guys named Brent Butt and Sean Cullen.

Have I got you excited about this yet? So excited that you want to sign up for the full meal deal, a 17 day pass at da House? The pass costs $8500.00 and with that you'll get your own private booth along with the food, beer, and entertaining bald and chubby guys. This seriously is Hockey in Canada, folks.

Okay, I am teasing the entertainment guys a bit. Doesn't mean I don't want to check out the Hockey House, though! I love the idea of such a huge dedicated hockey space. And if ticket sales are slow we can expect the price to drop, which is good.

This will be the largest temporary building/ pavillion ever built in Canada. 15,000 square feet of this space will be sacred hockey ground: Hockey Canada's Olympic Headquarters. That's right, a portion of the house is reserved for our Team Canada (women's and men's) and their families. It will be their place to kick back and chill out. The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) will have a cozy 9000 square feet to call their own as well.

photo by Lisa Ovens

If I remember correctly, the Hockey House decor will include hockey art. Now, if I can't manage to get inside the Hockey House for some serious indoor hockey fun, I would like to at least see my hockey art hanging on a wall. These are my second and third Olympic Challenges:

Lisa's Olympic Challenges

Spend a day at Molson Canadian Hockey House
Get the person  in charge of decor to accept a piece of my hockey art for display
Watch a game from the perches of the Vancouver 2010 Premier Lounge

Wish me luck ;o)

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