Friday, October 9, 2009

Lisa's Whistler Advice for Luger, Reagan Lauscher

By Lisa Ovens

Whistler Mountain, as seen from Meadow Park Sports Centre photo: Lisa Ovens

It’s been a catty couple of days in Luge Land. Canadian Olympian luger/ journalist, Reagan Lauscher lashed out at Olympic Host town, Whistler, BC for not ladling out the 2010 love. What she wrote in her blog did turn into some sort of Whistler/ Vancouver, BC vs. Calgary, Alberta rant, so I am a little unclear on what is really going on up there in the mountains.

As reported in her blog, Lauscher and friends (or entourage...its unclear) received criticism on their equipment etiquette from local Whistler gym users at Meadow Park Sports Centre, leaving the luger lonesome for Cowtown (Calgary...her hometown) and seriously questioning the spirit of British Columbia.

My advice to Lauscher is simple: You are new to Whistler and may not be aware of the changes the community has endured over the years. The lean years with lousy snow falls, and then the NHL lock out. Not to mention the invasion of retail chain stores, killing off the mom and pop businesses. And then there was the great weed drought of 2003 (okay, I’m kidding on that one).

You may have experienced the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. But remember, that was a much bigger city absorbing Olympic sized aches and pains, and not a small resort town home to just 10, 000 people.

Remember Reagan, you are a free woman, with your own passport and the opportunity you have had to follow your dreams was unimpeded by no one. And by no one I mean governments, military, religious leaders, laws or dictators.

And you are letting a few Whistler “Nimby’s" get to you?

Reagan, please go into your purse right now, and get that Canadian Passport out, open it up and look at that picture. There you are, a free woman living your dream. Your time in Whistler is temporary, and it will fly by. Before you know it, you’ll be back in Calgary. And hopefully showing off a beautiful gold medal.

If that pep talk doesn’t work, and you are still homesick, I don’t know...try the Longhorn? Or hit The Keg for a big, juicy steak?


Note from Lisa...

I realize all prior posts here at 2010 and High Heels have focused on 2010 in Vancouver, but that doesn't mean I am forgetting Whistler, the co-host city. I have been visiting Whistler since 1987, on recreational, business and creative trips. I have plenty of Whistler content I am putting together to feature over several "Whistler Weeks" leading up to the 2010 games.

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