Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's Starting...

by Lisa Ovens

                                photo: Lisa Ovens

I spent some time in the newly expanded 2010 Winter Olympics Superstore at The Bay downtown this afternoon. If there are Vancouverites out there who need a shot of 2010 fever, this is the place to get it.

La Superboutique Olympique (en Francais)  is colourful, hot, cool and cozy all at the same time. I felt so, so athletic cruising through the aisles. It might have been the pumpin'  DJ tunes, or maybe the oversized images of snowboarders and skiiers that put me in such a great state of mind. Seeing the downtown store decked out like this should convince the locals that the pre-Olympic build up is in full swing.

photo: Lisa Ovens

The Canadian Olympic Team apparel section was missing something. Where are the sweaters?

I asked a staff member about the status on the sweaters. She said as of saturday afternoon they were sold out, along with the matching toques. Wow, all gone in two and a half days! There are two versions of the sweater: machine made (CDN $125) and hand knitted (CDN $350). She didn't have an E.T.A. on the next shipment.

I didn't have time to try on the clothes, but here is a guy's perspective on how he felt donning the cool threads.....

"As soon as you pull on these colours, you think about Canada and what it stands for - quiet determination, hard work and sharing the load... These are values all Canadians share. You think of heros like Gordie Howe, Terry Fox and Rick Hansen."  -Steve Yzeman, Executive Director Canadian Men's Olympic Hockey team

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