Monday, March 15, 2010

Paralympics and the Art of Adapting

by Lisa Ovens

On Friday I was very lucky to be invited to attend the 2010 Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony (many thanks, Eterre!).

It was an energetic spectacle that moved the audience to sing, dance, cheer and occasionally cry. We remembered and we were reminded: sometimes when we hold onto the past we deny our ability to adapt to change.

The athletes that paraded into BC Place on Friday night have taken their ability to adapt to its highest level, and it doesn't end at sport either.

This is definitely something to celebrate.

I am sure I wasn't the only one out of the thousands watching to consider our own lives and how we can be better. Because there always seems to be something  "holding us back" and often times we just allow that to happen.

So in the spirit of the Paralympic athletes, past and present, I will exercise my "adapt muscle".

My Favorite Ceremony Moments...

I loved the whole production, but a few highlights include:

Justine, the dancer: looking up at the big screen at the same moment my second cousin, Justine was on camera dancing with the other performers!

The DJs during the Parade of Athletes: not sure how it sounded on TV, but I loved their tunes and the way they directed the crowd... "SIDE to SIDE!!!"

Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli breakdance: Now he can add the 2010 Paralympic Opening Ceremony to his already lengthy list of accomplishments.

The Terry Fox speech clip...I really like the clip shown of Fox speaking about his motivation for The Marathon of Hope. He spoke frankly and his commentary on celebrity and the drive to be famous are timeless words.

Rick Hansen: the world can never have enough of this Man in Motion!

The Audience Participation Kit: My green poncho, light up pom pom and a stunning example of print design success (the program) will be treasured!

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