Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Don't Forget: Paralympic Games open March 12th, 2010!

by Lisa Ovens

We are officially on a break in Vancouver. Actually we are pressing the reset button and gearing up for the Paralympic Games, opening on Friday March 12th, 2010.

The Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion is on the move and will re-open for the Games. Canada's Northern House is still open, and much of Robson Square's Olympic dressing will remain,, including the Zipline, the skating rink and the BC Pavilion.

The Paralympic Torch Relay begins in Ottawa on Wednesday, and there are still tickets available for the Opening Ceremony at BC Place.

Paralympic Game Tickets webpage

1350 athletes from over 40 countries will be in Vancouver/ Whistler competing in five sports. This can mean only one thing Vancouverites: we'll get to cheer on the world all over again!!!

More Paralympic posts and post Olympic pondering to come, but for now,  I'm going to take a day off from posting!

Thanks everyone for stopping by at 2010andhighheels!!  :o)

See you in a day or two!

- Lisa O.

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