Saturday, August 22, 2009

Busy Bees

by Lisa Ovens

I’ve watched the Summer and Winter Olympics all of my life. However, once you know they are going to happen in your back yard, you start to think about things; things that never crossed your mind before while watching past events. Like when you were munching on potato chips, in the middle of the night watching snowboarding in Nagano, Japan, the following probably never occurred to you...

Notebook entry #2: My cousin Jennifer works in the hotel business. She told me the second Vancouver/ Whistler won the bid; the wheels were already in motion. This makes me think of the people who work for the Olympics, its sponsors and partners. What’s it like to be them?

The Bid people had already been running in the five vertical rings that could easily be mistaken for hamster wheels; now other people would be diving in, and earning their pay cheques too: In some sectors, “olympified” people would be expected to work 24/7/365. (Note: Although the word olympified is not listed at, it’s a word that get’s bandied about quite a bit)

The Olympics are the pinnacle of sports entertainment marketing. For the work force involved, the Olympics are something to be tasted, to be inhaled, to be slept with and woken up to, and to be carried around in a stylish messenger bag.

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