Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One Way to Move it and Shake it during the Men’s and Women’s Olympic Hockey Tournaments

By Lisa Ovens

In order to find new streams of revenue, the Vancouver Canucks began construction on a new club section high above the ice, close to the General Manager’s box. The Best Buy Club, formerly known as  the“Top Shelf Club” (great name by the way; not only is it a goal scoring reference, but this club is literally located on the top shelf, level 500 of GM Place) is an exclusive place offering food and beverages , a concierge all included in the member ticket prices (I know what some of you are thinking: a perfect place for rich, douchebag guys... haha!).

During the 2010 Winter Games, the club will become “The Vancouver 2010 Premier Lounge,” and if you were not able to score any hockey tickets during the pre-sale phases, this lounge could be your in. But, only after Canucks season ticket holders are done purchasing the packages. They were given first crack, and they have until October 9th, 2009 to buck up. And buck up they will.

Check out the packages, which include Men’s and some Women’s Olympic Tournament games. Seating is limited to 188 seats.

Prices (includes food, non alcoholic beverages, a Team Canada jersey, concierge, and chefs, yes, there will be chefs up there)

Full package 33 games —  $9750 per seat (includes men’s gold medal game)

Half package 16 games — $4500 per seat

Sport package 8 games — $2400 per seat

If there are any Men’s Gold Medal game tickets remaining in the Premier Lounge, there will be a lottery held for Half and Sport Packages holders. Lottery Winners will be able to purchase those remaining Men’s Gold Medal game tickets for $900 each.

Lisa's Tiny Rant

Just one tiny thing I consider controversial here, and I found it in the marketing materials: They push the men’s hockey as the big benefit (Follow your favorite NHL players as they compete for their country..., ... Coveted men’s gold medal game). The only time they mention the women’s hockey is in the package game lists. Come on, copy writers...this is Canada, it was our women that brought the Gold home from Torino last time, not the guys for crying out loud!!!

Half Pack 2 and Sport Pack D both include the Women’s Gold game. I’m sorry, but if the Women’s Team Canada wins Gold in Vancouver, mark my words, everyone in the arena, including you big tough guy hockey fans (and you douchebag guys, nursing the Grey Goose in your high ball glass, wearing your D&G sunglasses up there in the 2010 Premier Lounge) will be balling your eyes out with tears of joy, hearts all a glow, and you will never, ever forget such a monumental moment and feeling. Therefore it is only logical to promote the heck out of female players, too.

End tiny rant.

I have to admit, I'd love to be up in the Vancouver 2010 Premier Lounge for any Olympic game...or more. The question is how to get there. Now there's a challenge...

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