Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SOCHI 2014!

by Lisa Ovens

Four years ago today, The 2010 Winter Olympic Games opened in my hometown, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Oh, the memories! I created this very blog for those games, and the many posts below will always be a trip down memory lane for me. Now, it's back to spectating from the sofa again.  It's safe to say I will never be a Winter Olympic athlete, but I sure now what it is like to be a "host" of the games.

And, this is a first: I am not in Canada during the Winter Olympics! It's been almost a year and six months since I left Vancouver. I wasn't planning to be away this long...last June I was granted an O1B Visa, so, I am still in the United States for a few more months.

 The only Olympic swag I happened to have on me for my trip down south is what you see above: my Rick Nash Team Canada Hockey Sweater Key Chain. It's been jingling and jangling from my handbag for the last month. GO  CANADA!!

Apart from the lack of Olympic swag, watching the 2014 Winter Games is the other issue I'm dealing with. I am at the mercy of NBC's scheduling; two channels to choose from (NBC, NBCSPN) with bits of coverage on MSNBC and CNBC! After checking out Canada's Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium and the bounty of channels pumping out the events, I am a little envious of the Olympic loving folks back home. I'm not complaining, I am adjusting!

Okay, time to change channels! Go CANADA GO!!!

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