Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Marriage of Crime Scenes, Pucks and Rocks

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by Lisa Ovens

It appears the USA Network has become a bizarre blend of Police Procedural dramas, Men's Olympic Hockey and Olympic Curling. After being in the United States for almost a year and a half, I've learned that the USA Network is the place to go when you want to watch Law and Order's, NCIS's or CSI's ALL DAY LONG. For now, the binge viewing style network has become a refuge for errant hockey games and curling competitions.

Of course it took me six days of the 2014 Winter Olympics to discover there was this hidden gem of hockey nestled amongst the hard boiled detectives and lab geeks. However, I do have an excuse for my rusty sports viewing skills: I've spent the last year and a half away from sports working on a time consuming project! Heck, my blogging skills are also rusty! I can count the number of blog posts on one hand for the entire year of 2013!

So, in order to assist myself, I am going to list the Men's Hockey Schedule for the USA Network right here in this post...(all times in ET)

Fri. Feb.14 12pm   Canada vs. Austria
Sat. Feb.15 12pm   Sweden vs. Latvia
Sun. Feb.16  3am   Austria vs. Norway
                7:30am   Russia vs. Slovakia
                   12pm   Finland vs. Canada
We. Feb.19 12pm   Men's Quarter Final Game

Gotta love those nooners!!!

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