Thursday, January 27, 2011

With Glowing Hearts: a Movie Premiere

by Lisa Ovens

The one year anniversary of the 2010 Winter Olympics is just a few weeks away. What are your plans to celebrate? Where will you go? What will you do?

I have an idea...

A wonderful new documentary film will be screened on Saturday, February 12th, 2011 and I recommend everyone that can fit this into their weekend should do just that.

A very good friend of mine, diector, Andrew Lavigne, along with Animal Mother Films will be screening the final cut of With Glowing Hearts: Vancouver 2010, A Social Media Story at the Simon Fraser University Woodward's Theatre. 

Vancouver's 2010 Winter Olympics will go down as many things, and one of those is it truly was the "Social Media Olympics". But this isn't just about how the sponsors and the mainstream media utilized social media tools to get their message out. It's about members of a downtown community, and how they used social media to reach out to the world.

From the filmmakers...

With Glowing Hearts is a film about a revolution, one of social change and a precedent-setting shift in media representation. Vancouver sets the stage for our story about a marginalized community embracing leading-edge communication technologies, to empower, inspire, and break down the digital divide.

So put down your stuffed Quatchi, and that silly "Hockey's Canada's Game" placard for one evening, Saturday, Feb.12th, 2011 in particular, and experience something truly new to the Olympic Movement!
Tickets are Free...yes...FREE. But you need to make a reservation before they run out...

Reserve your Tickets now by clicking here

For more details, please visit With Glowing Hearts website

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